University of Florida

Current Ph.D. Students

Sarah D. Cochran
Advisor: P.J. Hansen
Research: Identification of genes controlling reproduction

Worede Gebremariam
Advisor: R. Maatescu

Leandro Greco
Advisor: J.E.P. Santos
Research: Regulation of conceptus-endometrial cross-talk and genetic expression

Mercedes Kweh
Advisor: C. Nelson
Research: Identification of vitamin D receptor binding sites in the bovine genome

Chengcheng Li
Advisor: Stephanie Wohlgemuth
Research: Autophagy

Veronica Negron Perez
Advisor: P.J. Hansen
Research: Function of chemokines in the preimplantation embryos

M. Sofia Ortega
Advisor: P.J. Hansen
Research: Genetic control of reproduction

Eduardo De Souza Ribeiro
Advisor: J.E.P. Santos
Research: Influence of anovulation on pre-implantation conceptus development and global gene expression

Leticia Del-Penho Sinedino Pinheiro
Advisor: J.E.P. Santos
Research: Regulatory effects of essential fatty acids on reproductive and immune responses in dairy cows

Luiz Siqueira
Advisor: P.J. Hansen
Research: Developmental programming in the embryo

Asar Turky
Advisor: G.E. Dahl

Paula Tribulo
Advisor: P.J. Hansen
Research: Role of the WNT system in the preimplantation embryos

Guan Yang
Advisor: J. Driver

Current M.S. Students

Jasmine Francis
Advisor: P.J. Hansen
Research: Signaling mechanisms for CSF2 in the preimplantation embryo

Kathryn Merriman
Advisor: Corwin Nelson
Research: Vitamin D-mediated activation of mammary immunity

Cheng Ye
Advisor: J. Driver

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