University of Florida

State 4-H Hippology Contest

April 6-7, 2019
HTU (judging) and UF Straughn Center, Gainesville

ONLINE ENTRY; due by March 25
- Entries received
- Map and directions to HTU and Straughn Center

**Read details of the logistics for each day here**

(Hopefully this has the answers to most of your questions as you are making your plans.)

Contest Structure (new as of 2017)

The 2019 State 4-H Hippology contest will be split into two consecutive days in different locations. The Judging phase of the contest will be in conjunction with the State 4-H Horse Judging Contest on April 6 at the UF Horse Teaching Unit. Entrants will be placing four of the same live classes that the Judging contestants are placing. Youth will be allowed to enter both the Horse Judging and Hippology contests. The bulk of the Hippology contest (Stations, Written Test, and Team Problems) will be Sunday, April 7 at the Straughn Extension Professional Development Center (next to Animal Sciences; quick photo tour). Be sure to refer to the contest description for a more thorough description of the Hippology rules and procedures and to see what is new.

On April 7, contest will begin at 9:30 a.m. (check-in at 9:00) and will run through the afternoon with the awards presentation being in late afternoon. Lunch will not be provided so you should plan on packing a lunch or having someone available to take the group out to eat, or to go out and bring something back for your group. All contestants must bring their own pencils.

New Reference for 2018

The American Youth Horse Council recently published a new, very thorough reference book called "Horse Smarts." This will be replacing their "Youth Leaders Manual" as a reference for both Hippology and Quiz Bowl (at the State, Regional, and National levels). Counties with teams working towards competing in Hippology or Quiz Bowl should contact for information on how to obtain a copy.

County Entry Allowances & Registration

Each county is eligible to enter up to two (2) intermediate teams and any number of senior teams of four members (Intermediate is 11-13 and Senior is 14 & over, both as of 9-1-18). Schedule and space limitations allow for a maximum of 50 participants in each division. If the total number of youth exceeds 50 in either division, counties with excessive entries may be limited. Please be sure that those you register are committed to participating. Once they are included in the count and change their mind, they would be taking spots from other youth who wanted to enter.

Individuals may be entered if a county does not have enough youth to fill a team. If there are individuals from another county, we will ask both coaches and agents if they would like to join to compete as a team.

Hippology is a long and challenging contest. It is limited to Intermediates and Seniors because the reading, math, and comprehension skills required may be above that of the juniors members.

All teams must register for the Hippology contest by March 25, 2019 (online form submitted). Additional submissions of the entry form can be made if there are more than one team in eaither division. Additions to entered teams received after March 25 will not be accepted, although minor changes/replacements may be made. No teams or individuals will be added on the day of the contest. You can check the "Current Entries" page to see if your team has been entered.

Contest Content

A detailed description of the contest can be found here.

**See Sample Tests and further description of phases**

Information tested in the contest (with the exception of the judging phase) will be taken from the references listed on this page.

As always, we will ask leaders and other adults traveling with the team to help score, monitor, etc. on the day of the contest. Please contact me if you are willing to help and want to request a specific role.

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