University of Florida

State 4-H/FFA Horse Judging Contest

April 1, 2017
UF HTU, Gainesville

The information below (and linked) was for the 2016 event and has not been updated for 2017. However, many of the details are similar year to year, so this may be used as a reference. Check back here as the event draws closer for more current information.

- Entries Received

The 2016 State 4-H/FFA Horse Judging Contest will be held April 2 at the covered arena of the UF Horse Teaching Unit in Gainesville. Check-in for 4-H is at 9:00 a.m. and everyone should be seated in the stands and ready to begin by 9:30. Awards will be presented at roughly 4:30 p.m. that afternoon. The contest will consist of 8 placing classes – four halter and four performance. Reasons will be given on four of the classes and there will be no questions classes. When reasons are completed and after the discussion of the classes, there will be an opportunity for everyone to relax, listen to music, and socialize before the awards presentations. Awards will be presented to the top individuals and teams in halter, performance, and reasons as well as to the highest individuals and teams overall.

Each county may enter two senior teams (14 and over as of September 1, 2015) of three or four members. Registration is required by March 25. The winning team is eligible to compete at the National 4-H Horse Judging Contest in Louisville, KY (November). The first and second place team may compete at Southern Regionals in Perry, GA.

An entry fee of $25 per team is required at registration. Checks should be written to "Florida 4-H Foundation". Contestants and one coach per team will be provided lunch, and additional adults may purchase lunch tickets at $5 each. Please indicate on the entry form how many additional adults would like to have lunch and include their $5 with the entry fee. Registered counties will be listed here so you can check to confirm that your entry has been received.

A copy of the judging card can be found here. Hopefully, all of you have seen it by now, but we want to make sure everyone is familiar with how to fill it out correctly. There are repeatedly a surprising number of cards that have the team/individual numbers not written in or class placings marked incorrectly. Please be sure that your team members are familiar with the card and know how to fill it out correctly. Cards filled out incorrectly may be discarded and zero scores awarded. To help everyone be familiar with the cards, a section of this website gives examples and explanations on filling out the card correctly.

There are plenty of motels in the area. Any of the motels on the Archer Road exit, Williston Road exit, or South 13th Street would be convenient.


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Graphical breakdown of 2015 results
, courtesy of Megan Brew
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