University of Florida

Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships

August 2-6, 2017
Perry, GA

The information below (and linked) is in the process of being updated for 2017. However, many of the details are similar year to year, so the 2016 materials may be used as a reference. Check back here as the event draws closer for more current information.

Results, 2016

- Class results, FL youth highlighted
- Division High Points, top-10 with FL youth highlighted
- Detailed results for all competitions, plus full point lists for all divisions


This page has Florida specific information. The main SRHC page with information for all states is here.

Information | Qualifiers, 2016 | Schedule | Class List | Hotels | Demonstration Scoresheet (ind & Tm) | Public Speaking Scoresheet | Sample Horse Show Entry Form | Regionals Rulebook |

*You must turn in a copy of your coggins with your entry form, so bring an extra copy to the State show.*

Good luck as you compete to represent Florida at the 2016 Southern Regional Horse Championships in Perry, GA. The information in this section applies to all competitions: Horse Judging, Hippology, Quiz Bowl, Individual and Team Demonstrations, and Public Speaking. Regional qualifiers are encouraged to review all of the Regional information to be familiar with what to expect at the event.

The Regional Horse Show will be held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter from Jul 27-31**. The Hippology and Horse Bowl Contests will be on Wednesday, July 27. Demonstrations, Public Speaking, Horse Judging and the judging phase of Hippology wil be on Thursday, July 28. The opening ceremony and awards presentation for all of the educational contests will be Thursday evening in the Reaves arena. The horse show portion is from Thursday afternoon through Sunday, July 31.

Horse Show Participants - Signup procedure

The 60 highest point scoring Seniors (and Intermediates who competed as Seniors) will be eligible to compete at Regionals. The amount of points required to be in the top 60 varies from year to year. The "official" qualifier list will be announced during the awards program on Saturday evening, with sign-up immediately following. However, those who finish showing on Thursday or Friday may complete an entry form and leave payment 'just in case'.

By the Saturday evening program, we will compare those who have already left payment with those who officially qualified. Everyone who left an entry and payment will be contacted Saturday afternoon and informed of their status.The final qualifiers will be registered after the Saturday program. Youth will be at no advantage or disadvantage for submitting an entry before Saturday. In the end, all determinations will be made strictly by point-earning order. Regardless of which day anyone finishes showing, we need to have all 60 paid and signed entries in hand before leaving Saturday night.

We will also collect forms & payment from about five more exhibitors who will stand by as alternates. However, the alternates will be on a "short notice" stand-by and are only eligible to compete if a registered participant scratches. There is a very tight turn-around time between the State show and the entry deadline for Regionals. So please be sure you are able to go if you sign up and that your entry is complete. It might be difficult to get alternates substituted for those who cancel.

Exhibitors who anticipate qualifying for Regionals should take a good look at the sample entry form that is online here and be prepared to complete it in its entirety during the State show, or complete the linked form and bring it printed and signed. A qualifier should turn in a completed form, signed by a parent/guardian, and all fees due by Saturday evening in order to compete at Regionals.

**Regionals vs. 4-H University

Please note that Regionals is a direct conflict with Florida 4-H University. You can cancel your 4HU registration and get a 90% refund before June 10. However, the State 4-H Headquarters will allow same gender substitutions for horse show qualifiers until July 14th. Youth who qualified for Regionals will still need to commit to registering for Regionals by the Saturday awards program after the show. So, before it gets to that ‘last minute’ point, everyone who has already signed up for 4HU should think about what they might want to do should they qualify for Regionals.


**2015 CLASS RESULTS with Florida counties **

High Point Results and Event Results are listed here.


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