University of Florida

2017 Hog & Ham Schedule

January 16 - Workshop in Gainesville, required for all participants (except those who completed all of 2016 program).

March 24 - Applications for participation due.

March 31- Agents notified as to participants selected.

April 28 - May 1 - Beginning weigh-in on reliable scales in County; take beginning photo of pig.

April 29 - UF Pig Selection Day.

May 1 - email with names of participants completing weigh-in.

May 12 - $70.00 registration fee, projected cost analysis sheet due; optionally send photos of pig/housing/feed label.

April 28 - August 8 - Feeding period; complete Retail Audit

August 8, Tuesday - Deliver hogs to UF Meats Lab and harvest hogs. - Optionally bring Retail Audit for review.

August 9, Wednesday - Process carcasses at UF, distant counties.

August 10, Thursday - Process carcasses at UF, nearby counties.

(Details of processing days will be specified at or after the Workshop in January. If there are less than 20 participants, all carcasses will likely be processed on August 9.)

August 18 - Project Books and Retail Audits with copies of thank you letters are due to county 4-H office.

August 25 - All Project Books and Retail Audits due to Chad Carr, University of Florida.

September 2 - Demonstration Day at University of Florida; awards presentation. Pick up cured hams, bellies, and smoked sausage links.

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